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Your quality treatment begins with a consultation and full diagnosis. A variety of specialized equipment is used to diagnose the condition of the teeth and bone. A partial list of the equipment we use includes special video camera, computer colour matching, and modern dental panoramic and digital cameras.

New technologies are being used in all areas of dentistry. For example, lasers can remove the diseased tissue of the tooth and disinfect it in the same time. In 90% of cases, caries treatment is possible without the use of dental anesthesia. If still necessary, we use computer anesthesia. With this method the procedure can be performed without any discomfort for you, and special ceramic drills can only remove decayed tissue without affecting the healthy tooth.

Our specialists are using high-tech equipment and a personalized approach to carry out your dental treatment on a completely new level and will help to restore your beautiful, shiny smile and healthy teeth.

our technologies

Computer-controlled anesthesia

Apart from the traditional anesthetic system, we also use a computer-controlled anesthesia system. It is not a standard syringe, but a microprocessor connected to the anesthetic administration system. The patient will barely notice anything since this system provides the maximum accuracy.

3D X-Ray

Currently, 3D x-ray is considered the most advanced radiodiagnosis system in the field of stomatology. Not only in the area of surgery but also in endodontics and periodontics.


CEREC® is one of the extraordinary advancements in dental technology offered by Clinica Dental Deluxe. The system allows create custom-fit ceramic restorations in a single appointment, as opposed to sending molds to outside dental labs as was previously necessary.

Sedation system

At Dental Deluxe, the most fearful are not always children: they are lucky! We have a modern and completely harmless system: sedation. It is a scented mask that is placed covering the nose and mouth and emits a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, which has a sedative effect.


The success of treatment with growth factor rich plasma – Endoret® facial has a unique secret: the irreplaceable action of platelets. If our organism suffers any lesions, immediately afterwards, the platelets trigger a series of reactions with the objective of stimulating the cellular division of the skin and the growth of new tissue.

Video Glasses

These are special glasses that allow you to watch movies or series while the professional carries out the treatment. It is as simple as putting on your glasses and headphones and choosing the movie or series you want to watch. You will be relaxed and enjoy without worrying about anything at all.


Treatment of Dental Caries

To provide highly skilled dental care, including the treatment of dental caries, the specialists in our clinic use a wide range of advanced materials, as well as a variety of specialized equipment and tools which allow us to solve the most complex dental problems.

Dental Implantation

Dental implantation is a high-tech area of dentistry which is designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth and to avoid dentures even with complete teeth loss. For dental implants we use advanced technologies, high quality materials, and modern methods of diagnosis.


Microorganisms, such as bacteria, stick to the surface of the tooth and multiply – an overactive immune system reacts with inflammation.
Untreated periodontitis will eventually result in tooth loss, and may increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and other health problems.


In addition to the standard method of correcting occlusion (brackets), at Dental Deluxe, we also use the Invisalign system, practically invisible orthodontic system.
It consists of a set of individual aligners made of almost invisible transparent resins.

Dental Aesthetics

At Dental Deluxe we use the best teeth whitening system with oxygen. During the visit a doctor will recommend which option will suit you best. This could be an office, at home or combined method of whitening. During the procedure, patients are offered to listen to music or watch a movie.

Facial Aesthetics

Mesotherapy treatment for facial and neck area is an effective procedure that rejuvenates, moisturizes and tones the skin. It consists of the subcutaneous injection of hyaluronic acid and a complex of amino acids that nourish the skin at the cellular level.

our doctors and staff

  • Dr Andrei Kharashun
    Dr Andrei Kharashun Specialist in implantology

    Dr Andrei Kharashun, specialist in implantology, prosthetics and dental aesthetics. Master’s degree in Oral Medicine and Conservative Dentistry. More than twelve years of experience in computer-guided dentistry (CEREC 3D).

  • Dr Mayka Agón
    Dr Mayka Agón Orthodontist

    Dr. Mayka Agón is our orthodontist. She has a master’s degree in orthodontics, certification in invisalign and incognito lingual orthodontics. She will help you get your teeth perfectly aligned and a beautiful smile.

  • Dr Anna Karpova
    Dr Anna Karpova Odontologist

    Anna Karpova, odontologist and specialist in facial aesthetics. Master in dental aesthetics and implants. The treatments we offer will make you 10 years younger and much healthier!

  • Iury Scaggiante Dutra
    Iury Scaggiante Dutra Dental hygienist

    Iury is our dental hygienist with a certificate of periodontics and dental caries. He is studying dental prosthetics. Prepared to perform excellent hygiene to each of our patients, with a full attention focused on the well-being, oral health and comfort of the patient for the best result. He speaks Catalan, Castilian, Portuguese and Italian.

  • Luis Hidalgo Rebolledo
    Luis Hidalgo Rebolledo dental hygienist

    Luis Hidalgo is one of our dental hygienists. It has a higher degree in oral hygiene. He will help you keep your teeth healthy and brilliant.

  • Tatiana Malova Koltovska
    Tatiana Malova Koltovska Receptionist

    Tatiana is our receptionist. She is always ready to help you and resolve any doubts you may have. She communicates easily in Russian, Spanish and Catalan, offering you an exceptional treatment. You will feel like home.

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