Prompt treatment can fully restore the tooth and prevent complications such as periodontitis and pulpitis which can lead to tooth loss.

To provide highly skilled dental care, including the treatment of dental caries, the specialists in our clinic use a wide range of advanced materials, as well as a variety of specialized equipment and tools which allow us to solve the most complex dental problems.

Innovative features for tooth restoration

The treatment of teeth that are visible when smiling or talking requires special work, not just filling or the use of aesthetic materials, but the full restoration of a tooth.

Our clinic provides a revolutionary new system for dental restoration with the “chameleon” effect, ESTELITE SIGMA QUICK, from the Japanese company Tokuyama.

ESTELITE SIGMA QUICK ® – with it’s composite adaptation to the unique color shades of hard tissues of the teeth under restoration, has the ability to acquire the view of the surrounding tissues and merge with them.

ESTELITE SIGMA QUICK ® was named one of the top by leading experts in the field of aesthetic dentistry United States, Japan and European countries, and also received the highest rating from the authoritative edition of Dental Advisor.

In difficult cases, our dental clinics use aesthetic restoration of the tooth using fiberglass posts do to the structure of the anatomy of the adjacent teeth, their shape, and natural color. In this way, the physician not only restores the functional properties of the tooth, but also gives it a natural look that makes for a perfect smile.
However, in the event of severe tooth decay, Dental Deluxe dentists recommend recovery with ceramic inlays. They have the maximum precision, strength and high aesthetic characteristics.