Currently, the most commonly used method to modify and correct the incorrect position of the teeth are the brackets. It consists of very small squares, made of metal, ceramic, sapphire or composite and a very thin metallic bow that joins them between them and that presses the teeth to move them to the correct position.

Thanks to this system, the teeth move steadily to the desired position.

In addition to the standard method of correcting occlusion, in Clínica Dental Deluxe, we also use the Invisalign system, a practically invisible orthodontic system. It consists of a set of individual aligners made of almost invisible transparent resins.

The treatment plan is done in a virtual way, through the Align Technology – ClinCheck program that shows us the process of correction of the teeth and how they will remain at the end of the treatment.

The ClinCheck program creates individual aligners suitable for each patient.

Invisalign aligners can be placed and removed very easily at any time, so we can wash our teeth after eating or any situation that requires it. This adds freedom and also greater hygiene. In some cases, the Invisalign aligners reduce the treatment time, since they cover the whole of the teeth and the pressure exerted is very precise. The average duration of treatment is usually about 1 year.