By using the most innovative technologies and personalized approach, professional equipment Dental Clinic Deluxe carry out the appropriate treatment that will return the smile and health in your mouth.

Computer-controlled anesthesia


At Dental Deluxe, apart from the traditional anesthesia system, we also use a computer controlled system. A standard syringe is not used, but a microprocessor connected to the anesthesia delivery system. The patient will not notice practically anything since it is a system with a maximum precision.

The advantages of this type of anesthesia, apart from the absence of pain, are the application of a lower dose of anesthesia and tranquility for the patient during the procedure, as well as the possibility of using this system with people who have high blood pressure and pregnant women.

3D X-Ray

In addition to the knowledge and experience of our doctors, Clínica Dental Deluxe bases its success on the quality of diagnostics. No complex operation is performed without prior 3D X-ray and prior intervention planning. Most clinics that offer implant services use only conventional panoramic radiographs, where only the height of the bone is appreciated, but its volume and location of the maxillary sinus or the nerve of the lower jaw is not differentiated. This leads to serious complications very often. Currently, 3D x-ray is considered the most advanced radiodiagnosis system in the field of stomatology. Not only in the area of ​​surgery but also in endodontics and periodontics. The 3D radiography reveals the sometimes atypical and lateral location of cysts and granulomas and at the same time helps save the tooth. It also facilitates the evaluation of the degree of loss of bone mass and allows more accurate planning of orthodontic treatment.

Sedation system

Often, little ones are afraid to go to the dentist. This hinders the work of the professional and sometimes makes it impossible. In Dental Clinic Deluxe, the most fearful, which are not always children: they are lucky! We have a modern and totally harmless system: sedation.

It is a perfumed mask that is placed covering nose and mouth and emits a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide that has a sedative effect. The patient is not asleep during treatment, yet he feels calm and relaxed and allows the professional to carry out medical treatment.


  • It is an ideal system for children of any age totally safe,
  • Facilitates the medical treatment process,
  • Relieves anxiety and nerves,
  • The patient remains awake and maintains normal breathing,
  • Is not addictive,
  • The body easily eliminates it.

For more than 30 years, nitrous oxide sedation has been used in many countries. In the USA. And in the UK almost 100% of dental clinics routinely apply this technique. It is also used in the treatment of adult patients with anxiety syndrome.

Video Glasses

Our main goal is to ensure your oral health and at the same time strive to make you feel at home in our clinic. That is why our patients have the possibility of using the latest technology: virtual video glasses. These are special glasses that allow you to watch movies or series while the professional carries out the treatment. It is as simple as putting on your glasses and headphones and choosing the movie or series you want to watch. You will be relaxed and you will enjoy without worrying about anything at all.